Marc Nachman

Current Owner/President

Upon the death of Mr. Luster, Marcus Nachman, Harriet’s son, purchased the businesses as Albert’s, Inc. Mr. Nachman has over 20 years experience in the pawn business and more than 30 years of business management and quality experience. Additionally, Mr. Nachman is President of NPS Inc., a business management system consulting company. And he is the Sr. Partner of MPZ, LLC., a realestate management company.

Zach Nachman

Future Owner

Zachary Nachman, Marcus and Patty Jo Nachman’s son assists Marcus Nachman bring Albert’s, Inc. into the digital age. Zach has a BS in Music Business from Middle Tennessee State University and worked for several years on Music Row in Nashville before rejoining Albert’s Inc. Zach has over 10 years experience in the pawn business and as Operations Manager assists in store operations and heads up special projects related to marketing and our digital footprint.

Albert Rothbart

Company Founder (deceased)

Albert’s, Inc. shares a long standing history and tradition. Mr. Albert Rothbart started Albert’s Loan Office in Johnson City, Tennessee in the 1920’s and operated it for nearly 50 years until he passed away in the early 1970’s.

Rufus Luster

Operator (deceased)

At that time, his daughter, Harriet R., purchased the business and, his son-in-law, Rufus Z. Luster operated the business. Over the next 20 + years, Mr. and Mrs. Luster grew the business into three locations.